Sometimes a group session does not do. Sometimes you need special care and support in special situation. That is why I am here and I am all yours. 

Individual sessions provide time and space for 100% of my energy and attention for you. I work on the holistic basis of yoga therapy, that is, by influencing attitudes to situations, special breathing, individual selection of postures, influencing movement patterns, and I also incorporate  special somatic movement and awareness positioning techniques in the process. That is how we re-set and  change your physical and mental conditioning with the vision to improve also your overall health.

What can I help you with?

- Individual yoga classes tailored to your needs

- Stress management, relaxation

- Body tension release

- Trauma healing (body, mind, soul)

- Pelvic floor issues (prevention, post-partum, emotional turmoil cause, psychosomatic, post-surgery)

- Back pain

- Feet, knees, hips, spine and overall body posture 

- Specialized work on chosen yoga elements (inverted poses, forward bends, backbends, rotations, balancing poses, etc.) as a supplement to your general practice

- Diastasis recti

- Meditation

- Mantra yoga

- Cleansing techniques in yoga

- Concentration

- Emotional/mental/physical relief 

- Depression, anxiety, panic attacks or severe illness

- Hormonal imbalance issues (painful menstruation, menopause, irregular menstruation, problems to become pregnant, etc.)

- Chronic illnesses

- Inflammatory diseases (arthrosis, ankylosing spondylitis, etc.)

- Autoimmune deficiencies

- Eating disorders

- Joint problems

- Bone problems

- Fascial problems

- Neurologic problems

- Problems with eyes, ears, mouth, tactile issues

- Fine motor skills

- Digestive issues

- High/low blood pressure

- Balance issues

- Fatigue

- Thyroid issues

- Post-traumatic stress disorder

- Other

Never mind how specific your need is or if you just do not want to leave your living room, this is 100% of my energy for you.

What kind of sessions do I offer?

1) Individual yoga classes

This is a classical guided yoga lesson, where we take into account the individual needs of the client. At the beginning of the first lesson, a brief interview will take place, which will allow me to determine which positions and techniques can be contraindicated. Individual yoga session differs from yoga therapy, so the purpose of the lesson is not to therapeutically improve the state of health or to trigger some dramatic changes client's life, even though it may progress slowly on the way of yoga.

2) Individual yoga therapy/somatic therapy/sound therapy/therapy based on the continuum movement/stress & trauma release therapy

Individual therapy takes into account the detailed health condition of the client and also his/her lifestyle, individual mental patterns are being rewritten, the energy of the individual changes. A comprehensive discussion of the individual health condition takes place at the first meeting. The aim of the therapy is to increase client's awareness, change the clients' attitude towards situations and their solutions in life in order to remove the causes of illness, to provide techniques to improve the quality of life in the given situation, and the techniques leading to healing. Frequently, there is a positive turn, which nevertheless assumes the active participation of the client and requires practice outside of our sessions (at home), willingness to change perception and way of thinking. The client receives a range of yoga techniques and tailor-made exercises to deal with his/her situation in the most effective way. Yoga therapy can also be combined with medication or classical approaches of allopathic Western medicine. It even complements the standard approach very well.

I also engage delicate fascial work, pranayama (energy and breathing), visualisation, somatic bodywork, mudras (hand and head postures), techniques for trauma and stress release, meditation and sound healing (mantra, Tibetan bowls) in individual therapies.

3) Reiki

Reiki therapy is a session when energy therapy is performed on the client's body. The energy is not my own but it is the so-called universal energy. This energy can support the client's body in relaxing, recharging, and putting him/her (= re-discovering) on the self-healing path. Reiki therapy helps the body to re-discover the means how to heal itself. Reiki session is a pleasant reassuring experience that clients describe as joyful, calming, or conversely, they feel high degree of energy after the therapy, depending on the original state. It is a safe therapy where the client's body decides how much energy it will take and, at the same time, it can never accept more than it is good for it. Usually after several sessions (inevitably) there is a change in perception of situations, the elimination of old unfavourable patterns of behaviour, etc. Reiki therapy can also be combined with medication or classical approaches of allopathic Western medicine. It can complement the Western approach very well. It is suitable for both clients with already existing problems or for clients without problems wanting to support certain approach, lifestyle or change.

Please note that this therapy is just a supplement to your treatment. It does not replace a physician's advice and is not recommended to take as such.

I am looking forward to serving you.

With respect,


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