Only when we get silent we can hear our inner voice. Somewhere in the back of our soul we already know what is good for us. Meditation and mantra are two different ways of stopping our thoughts for a while, stopping the wandering from the past to the future, the fastest way to surrender to inner and higher guidance. They are also a way of how not to be dragged by external circumstances, how to increase our energy reservoire, concentrate, initiate the self-healing abilities of the organism, and build the observer’s attitude that helps us deal with everyday situations. 

Mantra is the most reliable way to open our hearts and to promote trust in life. Regular meditation practice and singing / reciting the mantras have the power to change our life from the scratch. 

First part of the workshop is dedicated to sitting and walking meditation. 

In the second part, we will learn about mantra, what is the meaning of the mantra OM/AUM and its syllables, how the individual syllables and the different ways of reciting the mantra OM affect our organism and soul. 

We will show how to recite the mantra using the mala (recitation beads), how to start our practice step by step, what is the intention, why the mantra is most often recited 108x and how to work wit it, closed by 108x OMs chanting. 

Contraindications: Current bacterial or viral infections, panic attacks, schizophrenia, mental disorders, borderline disorders, epilepsy. 


- Yoga practice (warm-up) 

- Radjayoga theory. Meditation in the Radjayoga system. 

- Sitting Meditation 

- Walking meditation. 

- Mantra. How to work with the mantra. Mantra Om/Aum. Theory. 

- Mantra Om/Aum. Practice. 

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