People with healthy body, calm & steady mind, personal integrity, clear vision, meaningful tools of communication and care for relationships can succeed and achieve goals. They can even transcend them. Those who understand that, will add that little extra something to their service which matters.

I am all yours. I can help with:

- General yoga classes in your company

- Yoga classes tailored to your corporate needs (prep for challenging periods of time, situations)

- Mindfulness: Cultivating conscious approach to work, relationships, and life in general. Business has always been, is and will be about relationships. Our relationships with other people can only be as good as the relationship we have with our own selves. Whoever can see this clearly can create a conscious and sustainable environment and thus create value for both their subordinates / colleagues / superiors and business partners. A good leader is particularly interested in how to help others grow, s/he understands that their growth is his/her growth.

- Stress management, relaxation.

- Concentration.

- Meditation. 

- Internal and external communication.

- Clear vision for employers and employees.

- Teambuilding.

- Partnerwork.

- Back pain, shoulder pain, headache prevention.

- Burnout prevention and therapy.

- Emotional relief.

- Building self-confidence.

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